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VB5 and User Profile Fields on Thread Posts

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  • VB5 and User Profile Fields on Thread Posts

    My forum currently uses VB4 and we're thinking about upgrading to VB5 as it has all the features we want. But there's one thing I'm curious about before we commit. In the information listed for a user where they post "Where it usually says Location, number of posts, number of blog posts, etc", we'd like to put in some custom fields there like preferred Gender Pronouns, or MMO character names (For our MMO site). I know we can make our own profile fields but we'd really like the option to put some of them on the user thread information.

    Does this functionality come with VB5 or does it require addons?

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    Unless my information is out of date, it isn't standard, but the link below describes how it can be done and it is fairly easy to implement.


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      Yes the above are the best instructions. Be aware since this requires editing a template this feature is not yet available on vBCloud.


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