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  • Wayne Luke
    1. If your previous database is on vBulletin 3.8.X or vBulletin 4.2.X, then we can migrate it into the Cloud Service.
    2. You can request a backup of files for download at any time in the Cloud Console. This includes the database, attachments, and avatars. If you have custom smilies, you can open a ticket requesting those and we can have them retrieved.
    3. Cloud does not include SFTP or email services. vBulletin Cloud is not a hosting package. It is Software As A Service. We do allow the limited upload of files for use in Themes from a module in the AdminCP. You can import themes that only change Style Variables and special "Text Only" templates. You can create custom Text Only templates and apply them to template hooks. The AdminCP provides access to edit style variables and custom CSS. Plus you have your choice of over a dozen Styles that we provide.

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  • bydosangel
    started a topic Vbulletin Cloud plan

    Vbulletin Cloud plan

    I still have a few questions about VB:

    - I used to have VB before 8 Years. Cann I use the upgrade option?
    - If I chose the could service. Can I in the future export it and take it to another Plan and a VPS that I would properly have?
    - In the Could service, do I have an FTP access? or have cann I upload files? such as themes?


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