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Does vBulletin 5 have BBcodes to conditionally show content to specfic usergroups?

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  • Does vBulletin 5 have BBcodes to conditionally show content to specfic usergroups?

    Dear vBulletin 5 team,
    I understand that vBulletin 5 has a built-in subscription option for selling memberships to users.
    I need to make certain content only available to paying customers.
    Does vBulletin have bbcodes to show certain content in posts, blogs, and/or articles to users in specific usergroups?

    Awaiting your reply,

    Regards, Strangelove

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    vBulletin 5 uses Usergroup permissions to display or not display content to different users. Using BBCode would be defeatist since it's easily parsed by browser developer add ons. All BBCode does is translate HTML or CSS into a less dangerous and more easily usable set of tags. It doesn't actually hide the underlying content.


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      Right, I get that.
      That's just the catch: usergroup permissions govern whether to display ENTIRE content or not.
      What I mean is this: does vBulletin 5 allow to hide/show PARTS of a (blog/forum)post or article?
      Typical use for this is to allow users a preview of premium content and/or tease users into purchasing a subscription.
      WordPress 5 implements this using shortcode [HIDE][/HIDE], XenForo 2 uses BBcode [HIDE][/HIDE].
      So my question is: does vBulletin 5 support this out of the box?
      And if not, how can I get this functionality?
      For your information, this is part of your basic toolset in the subscription business.
      And since vBulletin offers paid subscriptions out-of-the box right along with publishing posts in blogs, forums, and even articles, it is hard to believe/swallow that such a basic necessity as this is missing.



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        You can create your own custom BBCodes to do this. You can also use CSS based on the data-usergroupid attribute assigned to every page.

        You can find an addon at that can obscure content for guests as well.
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