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  • Dice for Play By Post?

    Hi everyone,

    Nice to meet you! I’m a potential vBulletin buyer and full time nerd. What I’d like to ask before I commit is, are there freely available and current dice rolling extensions for vBulletin? I know it can be done, as vB boards like RPG Crossing have great dice rollers integrated right into the posts. Check out their cool dice rolling thread. However, their roller isn’t freely available.

    For those who know what it is, this is a Dungeons & Dragons type play by post game. It would be essential that players have the ability to roll dice in their posts and have the extension impartially decide the results.

    Something like [DICE]1d20[/DICE] would roll one twenty-sided die and show the results in its own box. Of course, it gets more complex. As an example, [DICE=Dan’s Attack Roll]1d20+5[/DICE] would roll a twenty-sided die, add five to the roll, and display the outcome in a box labeled Dan’s Attack Roll. You could roll 1d100 to represent a percent chance, 2d4+1 to roll two four-sided dice and add one, etc. These basics would really be needed to run a game, but there’s all kinds of room for alternative ways to roll dice.

    If functionality like this is not available freely, are there folks within the community who might create this for my board, even if payment is required?

    Sorry for all the questions! I’m disabled and do this purely for a hobby, so it’s a big investment to buy vBulletin and risk not having what’s needed. Yes, I could go the monthly route, but it’s cheaper in the long run to buy. I know there are sites out there which allow die rolling, but we’re trying to keep as much possible integrated between our website, wiki, and future boards. Thus, it would be a better solution just to have players roll and nest the roll plus results in their posts.

    Thanks for helping to educate me and arrive at a decision!
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    There is no functionality like this in the software. You can inquire at as to what an customization would cost.
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