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VB Cloud: Migration from 3.8.6 to the Cloud

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  • VB Cloud: Migration from 3.8.6 to the Cloud

    Im getting to the point where my 3.8.6 VBulletin forum is just getting long in the tooth and falling behind the times in terms of technology and features and reliability and security in terms of the latest PHP, database, etc, etc.

    Im thinking of moving from hosting the site myself which I have done for the last 20 years and moving to the cloud to let someone else do the heavy lifting and allow me to work on promoting and growing the site with the additional time. I kept it on 3.8.6 because I installed a version of VBAdvanced and GARS at a time when VBulletin was not really mature enough to be used as a CMS type of site. While there are still some limitations I find with VB5+ to do some of the things I want, I think its a good "next step" for the next year or two until I come up with something else of VB grows in functionality. And I kind of like the idea of no longer having to worry about the site security, uptime, backups, and doing updates -- not being great at coding and PHP these updates always frightened me as there were times they didnt always work and finding the solution to a broken database or site was terrifying. I just dont need this hassle anymore.

    My site has:
    Threads: 27,636, Posts: 516,420, Members: 3,619, and maybe 30 or so forums/subforums.

    Can VB migrate the DB for me if you choose the Cloud? This is really the impasse for me as Im not technologically savvy enough to pull it off myself, though I have all the database IPs and credantials to do it. Having to go in and do some manual setup of theme styling and options and masthead work would not be a huge problem on my end.

    My other issue is since I installed GARs as a pseudo "article" posting tool before VB really had such a thing, I have hundreds of articles posted to a particular forum. I dont need the GARs styling, but I would sure like to dump this forum info into a new forum on the cloud site -- even if its just a newly named forum or blog or article retention area.

    Anyway, some feedback and direction would be appreciated. I really need to do something soon because my current ISP is running me on a legacy PHP version just to keep 3.8.6 from cracking but sooner or later the tech will simply demand otherwise.

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    vBulletin staff would have to perform the migration for you. There is no way for customers to complete a migration at this time. So we would move and upgrade your database for you.

    For third-party content, if the content is actually in a vB 3.8.X forum, then it will be imported. If this added uses its own tables, we will not migrate it. The content would need to be moved to a forum first.
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      Yes I would not expect to do the migration myself. I would just screw it up anyway.

      Im not sure if my articles are in the VB database or a separate table, but I am hopeful. The GARS was a Geek Article Review System to try to give VB3 an article posting solution it did not have.

      I do have a forum called "Articles" I set up located at /forums/forumdisplay.php?f=2 which seems like a normal VB forums path.

      If you click on an "article" in that forum, its located at forums/showthread.php?t=33053 as an example.

      So Im hoping the GARS more or less just was a formatting tool and the data is still in the VB database itself. If I happen to lose some minor formatting of this forum/post/article information in a migration that would not be a huge deal. But I would actually prefer this content get moved to the new VB5 article table since thats REALLY what the content is. If I had to pay a couple extra bucks to make this happen I would.

      Couple other questions:

      - If I choose cloud hosting, I presume I would still own the data/forums and be able to download the forum files/databases, etc if at some point I choose to go in another direction and port my site to another host or platform? Just want to be sure Im not really losing any future flexibility in my long-term options with VB cloud or anywhere else non-VB and I have access to all the data if circumstances change. I do understand that with VB cloud hosting the ability to do 3rd party plug-ins etc is not in the cards.

      - I have some subscriptions from VB3 I use for protected forums/premium access -- are there settings in VB5 to assign permissions to such groups so that some/all of the posted articles are restricted to these same groups. Such as flagging a certain article for that group only? I did notice you can set up subscriptions at registration time -- I like that! Ive been wanting to encourage this for years at registration time.

      - It also appears there is a banner/ad system built into VB5 -- obviously I have google ads and other ads and would need placements for those. Its how I pay the bills.

      - I own my own domain so I assume I would use your nameservers. Since mail is not included, I would have to find a 3rd party to handle that for the domain. Do you have any recommendations? I have set up a lot of sites but never split DNS routing where www goes to one place and smtp goes to an entirely different place. Is there risk of email delivery issues due to reverse lookups etc? Maybe someone else that has already gone down this route can advise.

      FYI I have a buddy who is also in the same boat I am with an old VB system. I will see if this cloud option is also a solution for him.
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