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  • Security Features?

    What security features does vBulletin include to prevent brute force and spam?

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    Brute Force attacks are prevented using a login "Strikes" system. If you get the password wrong more than 5 times in 15 minutes you are blocked from trying again for another 15 minutes and an email is sent to the account holder notifying them of the IP address that attempted logging in.

    Spam can be reduced by using a Human Verification measure during registration, most useful is probably Google's ReCaptcha 2 at this point, followed by a custom Question and Answer. Q&A may work better on forums where the users might know something that most people would have to look up an answer for.

    As for once registered you can setup limited usergroups and only promote people to full permissions once they have posted a welcome message for example, and/or use built in integration with anti-spam services Akismet or Stop Forum Spam.

    However human spammers will find a way through if your site is popular enough, there is no way to stop all spam. Having vigilant moderators that can quickly delete spam and ban spammers is very helpful on busier sites.
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      Thanks Joe.


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