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Question about upgrade.

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  • Joe D.

    VB 5.x will allow a direct upgrade from VB 3.6.0 and higher so in theory you should just make a database backup, a backup of attachments and avatars (if they are in the file system) and then upload VB5 into a clean/empty directory.

    Edit the /core/includes/config.phjp file to match the database details of your old site.
    Rename the config.pjp.bkp file in the rot directory to config.php
    renamess htacess.txt to .htaccess (if using Apache)
    Restore the attachments and avatar directories to same locations as before. (If relative paths were used make the relative to the /core/ directory, if absolute paths were used keep them as they are)

    Upgrade to at least PHP 5.6.0 or higher

    Run the VB5 upgrade at /install/upgrade.php.

    You will automatically lose all old add-ons and all custom styles.

    Make absolutely sure you have a backup before upgrading.

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  • garyshorto
    started a topic Question about upgrade.

    Question about upgrade.

    Please bear with me if this question has been asked many times and aptly answered. I did a search and couldn't find answer to my question.

    We are running VBulletin 3.6.7 currently with many plugins.

    The website is plagued with phishing subdirectories and there is no way for us to clean up as the foot prints are in far too many files/directories.

    I suppose it is time to upgrade.

    My question is:

    Can we remove the account completely from the server, recreate and new one then ftp the VBulletin 5 files over to the fresh account install?

    If we do the above, what will be the upgrade options?

    We will have backed up the database of course. But what are the chances if we do an import into VBulletin 5 the forums will work as cleanly sans the plugins from the older version?

    Is there an upgrade path for VBulletin from 3.6.7 to 5 at all?

    Appreciate if you can answer the above.

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