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V-Bulletin capabilities and limitations?

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  • V-Bulletin capabilities and limitations?

    Hi - I recently assumed a position on reformative mental health panel with the aim being to promote an online community forum, readily accessible, delineating supports available, contacts, all sorts of information and interpersonal links etc.

    Basically like - an online space, somewhat the equivalent of facebook, but obviously far smaller, and confined largely to small country, potentially a single provence - in terms of where we'll be promoting it.

    I volunteered to scout out this situation, as about 10 years ago I did a couple modules in programming in college - which makes me less than qualified to call the shots in this situation, but more qualified than anyone else on the panel.

    My primary concern is effectively user identification and consolidation of their online profile, regardless of point of access.

    That is to say - we may potentially be disclosing and sharing highly sensitive information, in terms of personal crises details, medical administration - an entire section will be devoted to pharmacology - which is more my area than IT - but you get the idea.
    To really move forward in a viable and sustainable manner - I need to be assured that each profile is secure, protected, impervious to tampering, effectively.

    Now - in terms of this type of an endeavour - I'm basically a blank slate.

    I'm scouting out the situation, making relevant notes, then bringing my findings back to the panel to determine the most advantageous manner in which we can move forward with this.

    So basically my primary question is - what protocols or facilities does V-bulletin have in place or can offer, in this sense?
    Maintaining site security, prevention of tampering, safeguarding online data and accessibility?

    Any insights appreciated.

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    Users create a profile. Then when they visit the site, they would log into that profile. This would allow them to view and create content within the permissions that you provide. However, the system works with a system of containers called Channels. Multiple users share the same channels. So in most cases, any user with access to that channel can see all the content in it.

    Keeping your data safe depends on you server administration. vBulletin provides an interface and basic user and group level security protocols. The rest is provided by the server architecture that vBulletin runs on.
    Translations provided by Google.

    Wayne Luke
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