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  • CMS style similar to Wordpress?

    Hey guys, I am currently running Invision Power Systems (IP.Board) on my website and seriously considering moving to another platform. With that being said, I am wondering if VBulletin has a feature which allows me to create articles and display them in my homepage in a format similar to Wordpress or blog? I am looking for demo sites that might showcase such a setup with VB 5 but I haven't found any. I saw the BLOGS link here at but it seems rather simple. No images for the posts are displayed, but I wonder if that can be address with a theme or something.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated in making my decision to switch!

    Also, can I convert from IPS 4.x to VB 5.x?
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    Take a look at https://www/ or We have a very simple installation with no customization other than settings in VB. I'm not sure if it is exactly what you're looking for. You can change very easily the size of the image displayed with the article or blog through configuration as well as set a cutoff point for the amount of text in an article that is previewed. With a little more effort and knoledge of .css you can make it look however you want.


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      Unlike Wordpress changing themes/styles on vBulletin will not add any new features.

      The VB5 online trial is here:

      Unfortunately we have no direct means to import from IPS 4.x to VB5. You would want to try a 3rd party conversion service- we don't endorse either site but we know other customers have used them-


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