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Extension of trial period and server requirements

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  • Extension of trial period and server requirements

    I've taken over an online community with 77k Threads, 1.7 Mio. Posts, 33k users, 2k active users and 250GB of uploaded images.

    It is running on vBulletin 4.2.0, MySQL 5.5.6 and so on... so its a clusterf**k of old stuff. We are now planning to upgrade the System to vBulletin 5 and new versions of Mysql, Php etc.

    My Questions now:
    - Our SEO Position on forums topics is excellent. How does 5.0 affect the indexed URLs?
    - how does 5.0 affect the server performance in comparison to 4.2? I've read that it is very bloated so we might need more performance. Do you have any indications(HW requirements for a forum this size?
    - is it possible to extend the trial license to 1-2 months, because of the complete new build up of the server we would like to test the system extensively before deciding if an upgrade to vBulletin 5 makes sense or not. Otherwise we would look to migrate to another vendor.

    Thanks for your help!

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    The "Trial" is an online demo, you will have no ability to see how your VB 4.x content would work on VB 5.x with the trial unfortunately. Extending it won't help you with that. The only way to see how VB5 will perform with your content will be to purchase a license.

    It is fair to say that all things equal VB4 has better performance than VB5. In practice some of this difference can be compensated for by the fact VB5 can run on modern PHP versions like PHP 7.2.x which VB 4.2.0 cannot and PHP 7.x has noticeably better performance than PHP 5.x, but it is likely you will still notice lesser performance of a site of your size with VB 5.x. There is no way to say how much unfortunately as we can't tie it to specific hardware.

    SEO would likely take an initial hit but should recover. Default VB4 thread URLs will redirect automatically to VB5 Topic URLs which are generally the backbone of any site's SEO.


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      Thanks a lot for the answer. We will consider migrating to another solution. I'll not buy a solution that gets as bad reviews as vb5 gets without the option to test it.


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        You do have the option to test it.

        It's worth noting that no forum software vendor will give you a trial licence to import data prior to purchase. Our stance is not unusual.

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