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uploading photos from mobile phone via VB5

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  • uploading photos from mobile phone via VB5

    I just want to clarify that Vb5 is mobile responsive and that users can upload photos directly from their phone into their posts. I don't plan on using the mobile suite (app builder) at this time...just Vb5 by itself. Thank you.

    Note: I tested this on my phone by trying to respond to my own post and I see this function does exist - for the most part. I can click the camera icon and take a picture on the spot and upload...but I guess then my real question is whether or not I can select pictures I have already taken that are stored on my phone - or is there some sort of plug in for that. I'm hoping my users can have some of the same flexibility as they do when using FB and uploading pics with their phone. Maybe this is more in line with the mobile suite...but I''m not in position to do that now.

    Thank you again.
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    Yes, I do it all the time

    We don't have the mobile suite either
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      The forum allows it however some mobile devices and mobile browsers may not allow you to access the files of the phone via a web browser, there is nothing vBulletin can do about that.


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        Thank you.

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