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Couple of questions RE: VB5

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  • Couple of questions RE: VB5

    I have been a VB4 user for many years and am trying to decide if I want to upgrade to VB5. I have a couple of silly questions.

    1. Is there a post somewhere that explicitly detailed the differences between V4 and V5 (i.e., exactly what VB5 offers that VB4 doesn’t?)

    2. I currently use a third-part program to keep known spammers from registering. I know VB4 has anti-spam capability and I assume VB5 does too, but does VB5 have any capability to look at new registrations and determine if they are potential spammers BEFORE they register? Or is some sort of Capcha the only option?

    3. Does VB5 have any capability for creating "custom" pages that use the same style as the rest of the forum?


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    1) A complete list? No. The majority of vBulletin 4 features have been carried over into vBulletin 5. The biggest changes in vBulletin 5 include 1) Site Builder; 2) extended customizability through styles, plugins, extensions; 3) extended content types; 4) expanding where you can use the different content types.

    2) vBulletin 5 incorporates into the registration process with quite a few options. We've also expanded native keyword and email based exclusions on registration. The system still supports CAPTCHA, email verification, user moderation, and COPPA based registration. Akismet can still be used to filter spam both on content creation and content editing.

    3) You can create custom pages using Site Builder. In vBulletin 4, this functionality was limited to CMS pages. In vBulletin 5, it extends throughout the site. The custom pages will inherit the display style and language chosen by the end user. You can also customize most existing pages and have different pages for each forum if you want. Pages are built using layouts and modules. You can assign a custom URL to each page as well.

    You should probably try the Demo here:
    Translations provided by Google.

    Wayne Luke
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      Thanks for the info. I probably will try the demo when I have some time.


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