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vBulletin System Requirements

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  • vBulletin System Requirements

    Your server must meet the following requirements before vBulletin can be installed on the machine. Most shared-environment hosting providers meet these qualifications already. If you're unsure, you can always use vBulletin Cloud to host your vBulletin website.

    Minimum Requirements

    vBulletin is a web-based application and as such has a few minimum requirements. To run vBulletin, you need a web hosting provider that includes the following on their systems:
    • PHP version: 7.1.0
    • MySQL version: 5.6.10 (see note below)
      • As an alternative to MySQL, you can use MariaDB version: 10+
    • A pre-registered domain name
    • 200 Megabytes of hard drive space
    • 128 MB per PHP Script.
    • Rewrite Engine - A rewrite engine is needed for vBulletin's Friendly URL routing to work. Popular rewrite engines include mod_rewrite on Apache 2.4+ and "URL Rewrite" for IIS 7+.
    • PHP memory_limit set to 128MB or higher.
    • PHP Libraries Required. The following libraries are not installed on all distributions of PHP and are required by vBulletin.
      • MySQLi support - MySQLi is a more robust software library to connect to the database that vBulletin uses. This requires the mysqli and mysqlnd libraries to be enabled in PHP.
      • Hash - Used to generate hashes for various pieces of functionality.
      • JSON library - Needed to communicate with the API and front-end interfaces.
      • XML Processing Libraries - Needed for various data files.
      • mbstring library - A PHP library that helps with character conversion for UTF-8 support.
      • iconv library - A PHP library that provides extra language and character set support.
      • cURL or OpenSSL support - Allows secure connections to third-party services like Facebook Connect.

    Note: MySql versions older than 5.6.10 and MariaDB versions older than 10.0.0 will be considered deprecated with the release of vBulletin 5.5.1. While they will be supported for the time being, support for these versions may be dropped in the future without further notice. Please make plans to upgrade to a non-deprecated version. vBulletin System Requirements have been updated to reflect this.

    Recommended System

    The following settings and software packages are not required but will make your vBulletin experience more enjoyable. Your hosting provider can tell you whether these are available on your server.
    • PHP 7.3 or higher.
    • MySQL 8 or greater. MariaDB 10.3 or higher.
    • PHP Opcache library - This is an "opcode" cache that can increase the performance of vBulletin by pre-parsing the PHP files and storing these compiled versions in memory.
    • MemcacheD or XCache will enhance the performance of your vBulletin software by keeping commonly used data in memory for rapid retrieval.
    • SSL Certificate for HTTPS access to the site.

    Sphinx Search (optional)

    A minimum version of Sphinx 2.4.2 is required to use Sphinx Search instead of MySQL for keyword based searches.


    vBulletin uses encryption in a number of places including passwords and random number generation. Due to this, a modern Cryptography library is needed. In most cases, your server will already have one installed.
    • On Windows, CryptGenRandom() will be used. As of PHP 7.2.0, the CNG-API will always be used instead.
    • On Linux, the getrandom(2) syscall will be used if available.
    • On other platforms, /dev/urandom will be used.

    If your server does not have one of these libraries installed then some parts of vBulletin will fail to work properly.

    Test Script

    This script can test your server and to see if it can run vBulletin 5 Connect. Upload the file to your server and load it in your web browser. Once loaded in the web browser, follow the instructions on the screen.
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