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I ahve a question about your pre sale

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    Hey guys, I am one of the guys also waiting for the UBB6.2 converter.

    I think the main problem is that Tubedog was giving dates, 2 weeks, 1 week, etc.. but I believe that JamesUS was the person doing the work.

    So JamesUS did post in another thread he is making changes (tweaking) and should be emailing it out on Thursday (if testing went good).

    I can understand how someone would get upset because of delays and delays.

    The best thing is if there is no ETA do not post one. I think Tubedog did post once, that if you need an eta to email Keir (which I happened to do).


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      Just want to say that i am very happy with my vb and that i got what i paid for... a vb forum. I think it is great that vb makes available importers and so on to help ppl move from one forum to an other and see that as a plus...

      Flea, I do understand your reaction in a way since you were told it would take 2 weeks to have the importer you needed and you are still waiting... but please try to deal with this in a better way. If you are pissed at the missleading information i do understand but remember that vb is a great product.

      Take care
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        You VB BBS groupies are cracking me up. Is this a cult? Wanna buy a Saturn?

        All kidding aside. Take jabs but next time you buy a product and are told that certain things will be ready in a certain time then more or less told to stop asking when its still not delivered remember this thread..

        If any reasonable person would read the response form what I am guessing is VB staff in the thread I have linked above (Last reply but read it all) you would see some what bad practice on the side of the so called support staff...

        Last response to me = in more crude terms [email protected] off!


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          Please don't email me about the UBB importer - I haven't touched the thing since I originally wrote it back when vB2 went gold.

          All my time now is spent developing vB3, as is the case with the other devs (with the exception of when a bug is found in vB2 of course), and for this reason, we recently hired JamesUS to work as our import script developer, in order to leave the rest of us time to dedicate to vB3.

          I can't give you an ETA on the UBB 6.2 importer, as it's JamesUS who is making the necessary modifications to deal with some of the changes made to the UBB data files. I know he's working hard at it though, so please don't flood him with mails asking when it'll be done - it will be released as soon as it's finished and adequately tested.

          On another note, I hope the tone of this thread is markedly improved by the time I read it again, or the thread will be on an express trip to devnull.

          And on yet another note, [email protected], please enter your licence details here to receive support on the forums.


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            Tubedog's post is very reasonable, if you are familiar with software cycles. Crappy support would be to tell you is will be ready tomorrow, every single day

            Either wait for the 6.2 import script, or volunteer for the beta test. I've ran the beta test to upgrade a friends board, and it basically worked, just some issue to work out, but good nonetheless.
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              I can certainly understand the frustrations from some of the paying customers who have been waiting for this script. However a quick perusal of our friend [email protected]'a posts make me suspect a troll is at work.

              For what it's worth, my understanding is that Infopop made some strange changes to the data structure of UBB 6.2x that appear to have no other purpose than to break competitive import scripts. Given this I have read many messages among the developers as they try to yet again rewrite a whole new import script for UBB. Any estimations on a time when this would be completed were just that - estimations. The changes made by Infopop were a bit more complex that anyone could have anticipated. No one at Jelsoft is at fault for this, and no one was trying to mislead anyone. It's just the way the world works sometimes.
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                If you wish to be a beta tester for the new UBB importer please send me an email:

                [email protected]

                I will be sending out some beta copies either today or tomorrow.


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