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  • Login via Facebook account.

    I have found the following link very helpfull but I would like to doublecheck.

    What I want for my forum is the ability of registered members, to login with their FB account. After they login, with FB account, they should be able to browse/post/etc. with the account details they have provided during their registration, to my vBulletin forum. This means that only the forum admins/moderators should be able to know both their FB and vBulletin login details. Their FB login details should be hidden, from the rest members/users!

    Is that included in the current vBulletin version as an option, or should I hire a web developer to implement it?


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    To be honest Facebook's requirements and our code changes so often I don't know off hand if our login with Facebook option is currently working. However when it is working, if a user is already registered and decides to "Connect" their FB account, they continue to login with the username and password they chose for the forum. I don't believe the Administrator or anyone gets any Facebook details other than a yes or no if they are Facebook Connected. For example my account is (and has been) Facebook Connected for years and I don't believe anyone can tell or see anything about it.


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      Administrators can see the Facebook Username, Facebook ID, and the Facebook Join Date in the database. No other details are available. These are not presented anywhere in the user interface for anyone else to see.
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