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OK guys, I bought vBulletin 5 Connect, now what?

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  • OK guys, I bought vBulletin 5 Connect, now what?


    Just purchased vBulletin 5 Connect and I a domain at

    I gave the URL at the member's page.

    What's next? How can I install it to start using it?

    Thanks a lot in advance.


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    Do you have a web host? Web hosts can vary in price and service. GoDaddy offers inexpensive hosting but they do very little to help you. Other hosts charge more but can be very helpful. You need to decide which type of host you want, perhaps determine how much you can spend. We do not give official recommendations on hosts other than to say free hosts will not work and if you use GoDaddy you need a minimum of their "Deluxe" hosting and to choose a Linux server rather than a Windows one.

    For more discussion on web hosts see customer discussion in our vBulletin Hosting Discussions forum.

    Once you have a host the installation instructions are in the readme file in the .zip.

    Some hosts will install for you.

    There is also the option to purchase a professional installation from us if you don't want to worry about installing yourself, but you must have suitable hosting before we can install it.


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      Thank you for your answer!

      Actually, I thought vBulletin Cloud was a host. Is it? If there´s something also managed by you, I´d prefer that.

      I couldn´t find a readme file in the .zip, is there really one? The name of the zipped file I downloaded is "vb5_connect_5-3-2_Patch_Level_1_LF64643C35".

      Thanks a lot.



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        vBCloud is hosted and managed by us, but I can see you purchased our download product, vBulletin 5 Connect, which requires separate hosting. The advantage to VB5 Connect Download Version is you never need pay us again, you will get full access to all future versions of VB 5.x. You will also be able to install add-ons and edit templates directly if you choose, not possible with vBCloud.

        If you still want vBCloud please contact [email protected] as soon as possible. This is not an issue we can resolve in the forum.

        Note our sales department works 9AM to 5PM Pacific Time, Weekdays. Please be patient, they will not respond as fast as support at this time of day.


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          Thanks a lot Joe.

          Some users in the forum recommended SiteGround for the hosting so I´ll give them a chance. Any advice?

          I did not find the readme file in the .zip. Any ideas why I didn´t get it?

          I´d like to install my forum ASAP! hehehe can´t wait to play with it.



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            I have known other customers use Siteground so you should be ok, however we don't give specific host recommendations.

            The readme file is definitely in the zip that you download from the members area. If you're saying it isn't there, the best thing I can suggest is to download the package again.

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              Thanks a millon.

              I found the file.

              In my defence, let me just say that instead of readme.txt as usual, it says vb5readme.html.

              Have a good day and wish me luck!



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                Just a few pointers...

                Ideally get hosting running php 7.1.

                You will need a MySQL database, with a user and password. These go into the config file.

                I wrote this guide to manually installing vBulletin 5 on an Apache server, which should cover everything.


                1. Download the newest vB5 release from the members' area.

                2. Unzip the files and go to the "upload" folder.

                3. You need to rename this file:



                (Note the 'dot' at the start)

                4. You need to rename this file:




                Then, you need to rename this file:




                Then, in that file, you need to complete the following fields:

                $config['Database']['dbname'] = 'forum';
                Change forum to whatever your database name is.

                $config['Database']['technicalemail'] = '[email protected]';
                Change the email address to your own.

                $config['MasterServer']['username'] = 'root';
                Change root to the database username

                $config['MasterServer']['password'] = '';
                Enter the database password inside the '' marks.

                All other fields should be left as default, unless your database is on a separate server, in which case this will need changing:

                $config['MasterServer']['servername'] = 'localhost';

                5. Upload all files to your server/webspace/whatever and browse to

                6. Enter your customer number and the installation will proceed.

                7. Delete the /core/install directory after the installation has finished.
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