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  • BirdOPrey5
    1. If you're the only person posting there will never be "New Topics" because you, having been the poster, is already counted as having viewed the content. New Topics will only show to users who have not seen contents of the topic. Created a 2nd user in the Admin CP then log in with that user via a 2nd browser if possible to test New Topics.

    2. I believe there is a known bug moving topics, I sometimes get an error when moving them on this site, but after I reload the page the topic has always moved as expected. I would check to see if it really moved or not. If you can give exact steps to recreate we can see if a known bug or not.

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  • Sunnydalegirl
    started a topic Feature Questions

    Feature Questions

    My company is looking to move away from Pro Boards and into a better forum hosting platform. VBulletin is looking like a good option, but I am having trouble getting a couple of functions that would be important to us to work in the demo that I set up.

    1. I have created several boards and made posts, but when I click on "New Topics" I get zero results every time (see first image).

    2. When I try to move a post to a new board, I am getting the error message shown in the second image.

    Thank you for any help with these issues.

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