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Upgrading from 4.x.x- 5.x- Articles?

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  • Wayne Luke
    Users, Articles, Forums, Blogs, Social Groups, File Attachments, Private Messages, and Visitor Messages will be automatically migrated. What doesn't migrate at this time are Calendar events.

    The channel structure should remain the same as you have now. The system will create new URLs but will automatically redirect your old URLs if you were using standard vBulletin 4 URLs. It will not redirect URLs created by tools like vBSEO.

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  • Budget101
    started a topic Upgrading from 4.x.x- 5.x- Articles?

    Upgrading from 4.x.x- 5.x- Articles?

    When upgrading from 4.x.x suite to the 5.x- do the sections automatically migrate and then list as sections somewhere in the navigation of the site? I have 132 sections (& subsections) with hundreds of articles in each section. I'd love to see website examples using vb5 that have large articles with multiple widgets

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