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Returning to vBulliten - seeking advice

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  • Returning to vBulliten - seeking advice

    Confessions of a hack-web developer. I have created a bit of a mess over the past year. My final result has become an overly complex, difficult to manage Wordpress MU site, that continues to grow in complexity and a failure to re-launch. My original vBulletin install fell prey to a severe server outage on a less than stable hosting provider service. Backups were incomplete. I parked the domain for a few years before deciding to rebuild in Wordpress MU.

    Can someone recommend the best way to install a combination of Wordpress and vBulliten 5? I would like to:
    - use Wordpress for CMS and vBulletin for the community with the capability to pull forum, group, blog activity to blocks from the vBulliten install to the Wordpress instance.
    - Allow vBulliten members to comment on wordpress articles and content
    - gallery recommendation that can be viewed from a site level (all members) and member profile level (my gallery posts). I had this working in vBulliten before, but cannot remember if I used 3rd party or if the media module was leveraged to achieve this.

    I have noticed that there is a vBulletin CMS but an unable to find a showcase site that shows advanced layout as wordpress has to offer.

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    All of vBulletin 5 is a CMS, it's a CMS whose main focus is on Forums and forum content but it is easy to create new pages, Articles, Blogs, create modules with custom content ans generally do much of what you are looking for. I don't have any info on combining VB5 with Wordpress but we do offer a free online trial of VB5 which may be of some interest:


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      Thank you! Yes, I spun a trial up and started messing around with functionality. It seemed to work for about 1 day - thought it would be a week. I am now getting a http 500 error. I like what I can see... I might just need to use vBulletin instead of BuddyPress... Thanks again. I will continue to explore the forums here.
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        You can always request another trial.

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          We have just resolved an issue with the demo system so requesting one now should work without issue.
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            I can confirm I requested a demo the other day and it was fixed, I got an email a while later (it is not immediate) with a working password. Your username for the demo will be the email address you used to request the demo with.


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