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    Hi folks, I'm new at this, please be gentle

    I have a site I'm looking to migrate to a new version of vB.

    As part of that I would like to offer users the chance to host blogs on the site. Is this possible with vB? I want to have flat forums normally, but did think that one way to allow blogs would be to have one forum that allowed threaded posts so people could respond to individual blogs.

    So, is there a way of hosting blogs that is better than my basic idea? Do the new versions of vB even support threaded posts?

    Thanks for any advice

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    You can give users permission to create their own blogs on the system. They can then create multiple entries in that blog. Other users can comment on those entries. However, we do not support a threaded display of conversions. Each blog entry and its comments will be displayed in a linear fashion based on the time the post is created.
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      Thanks for the response WL I'm not quite picturing it though; are a user's blog posts all in one thread? If so, what's to stop another user commenting on an earlier blog, but their comment being displayed after a later one, if you see what I mean? Or is each Blog post a new thread in a Blogs forum, and so a user's blogs aren't grouped together? Thank you for the help


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        Both VB4 and VB5 have dedicated blog functions. This site uses VB5 but VB4 is also available when you purchase a license. You can use either/or but not both at the same time.

        Click on the Blogs link at the top of page.

        Although you won't have permission to create a new blog, you will see blogs from other users. They enter a blog (like a first post on a topic) and if comments are enabled, people can post replies to the blog. The design is different than topics and posts (what this is) but they work very similar.

        Example- here is a blog entry from a support rep on how to set an advanced background image:

        The bigger issue is what forum software/version are you upgrading from? If an old version of vBulletin, no problem, but f a different forum software at best you'll need to import into VB4 then upgrade to VB5, assuming there is an importer for your software.


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