Upgrade path from 3.5.3 with database only

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  • desetoiles
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    • Mar 2017
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    Upgrade path from 3.5.3 with database only


    Looking to buy a new vBulletin 5 license. I've been asked to investigate whether it's possible to upgrade from a copy of a 3.5.3 database to the latest vBulletin 5. This is from an extremely old site (10+ years I believe) that is no longer around and the previous administrator of the site who owned the license is also no longer around.

    If I purchase a new vBulletin 5 license, will the download area have the files to upgrade from 3.5.3 to 3.8 and then to 5? Or is there an import tool only for the database? I only have access to the MySQL database backup and not any of the other files so would I most likely need to download 3.5.3, then 3.8, then 5?

    It would be ideal if it could be imported directly into a new vB 5 site. It's not a major issue if some of the features from the previous site are lost, only that the posts/PMs are there with their original post dates.

    Finally, if it IS possible, can it be done with vB cloud as well?

  • BirdOPrey5
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    You will have access to old versions of vBulletin. Download VB 3.8.10 if on PHP 5.5.x or higher or VB 3.8.9 on PHP 5.4.x. Either version should upgrade a VB 3.5.x version to the new version. You can then either say on VB 3.x or upgrade to VB 4.x or 5.x from there.
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