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  • Horizon911
    New Member
    • Feb 2017
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    • 5.2.x

    Some Questions


    I started up a basic forum a month ago using phpbb 3.2 software. Although I am happy with it, the software version is new and there are not many mods available for it. Most of my current members are elderly and are used to vbulletin forums, as am I. Therefore, I have some questions before I purchase vb5 and please note I have no coding knowledge and will probably never be able to code sites:

    1. Can I change the default font size on the forum, specifically in the posting reply box? Can I also change the font size in other parts of the site, ie subject titles? Does VB5 support google fonts?
    2. Can I change the background colour to another colour? Can I use different colours, ie one colour for one section of topics and another colour for a different section of topics? I specifically need the reply box to be a different background colour from the rest of the site. Your forum is very white, which my members would be unable to use.
    3. Does vb5 resize avatars? My members have experienced problems in uploading their avators as the phpbb software does not automatically resize them.
    4. I've read on some forums, that vb5 has a new "jail" feature. Can you explain what this is?
    5. How many pages beyond the forum page can I have on my site? I would need a home/landing page, a forum page and at least a few others.
    6. In phpb3.2 there is no default sidebar. Is the sidebar a default feature of VB5? Or, do I need to acquire it separately?
    7. I need the forum to take up as much of the screen as possible. Can I extend the width of the forum to fill all/most of the screen?
    8. Is facebook, twitter etc integration a default feature of vb5? Can social icons be placed on subjects/topics?
    9. Is there an easy way to change some of the language of VB5 on the frontend of the forum, ie change "sticky" to "pinned" or change "thread" to "topic" beyond getting involved in coding?
    10. Can I have more than one forum on my site? I do not mean sections/topics/subjects, but a whole different forum of subjects. How would that work, ie would it be installed in the default /forum/ folder of my site or would there need to be a separate installation in a new /forum2/ part of my site? Would I need to purchase a separate licence, even though both forums would run from the same site?
    12. Do you have a tool available that can migrate my current phpbb 3.20 forum over to VB5?
    13. You seem to upgrade to a new vbulletin version every 3-4 years. Are you planning a VB6 version and if so, when will it launch? If I purchase VB5 now, could I upgrade for free to VB6, or would I need to repurchase all over again?

    Many thanks!

  • BirdOPrey5
    Senior Member
    • Jul 2008
    • 9613
    • 5.6.3

    Hello, if your users are "used to" vBulletin forums they are likely used to VB3 or VB4 which have a different "feel" to them than VB5. I would suggest considering VB3 or VB4 over VB5 in your case. Nevertheless I'll answer your questions based on VB5

    1- Yes you can change sizes by style variables or CSS. You can load google fonts by editing templates and/or CSS.
    2- You can change the color of pretty much anything with CSS or a combination of CSS and template editing.
    3- Yes
    4- Never heard of "Jail" but there is global ignore. Users put in Global Ignore see their own posts but don't realize no one else can see their posts. All current VB versions have it. (VB3 / VB4 / VB5.)
    5- There is no hard maximum but probably around 100 custom pages or so before running into issues.
    6- The sidebar layout is a default feature
    7- By default the forum has a fixed width on large screen devices but takes up the whole screen on smaller devices (because the style is responsive.) If you want the forum to take up the full width of the page on large screen devices it is possible with custom CSS.
    8- There is some minimal Facebook integration only. Adding social buttons are enough, instructions are found on various parts of this site.
    9- Yes, all built in text is stored as Phrases which can be edited in the Admin CP.
    10- Each install would require its own license purchase. They should each be installed in their own directory.
    12- No. Impex may help you import into VB4 and then you could upgrade to VB5. More in Impex here:
    13- As of now I am not aware of any VB6 upgrade in the works. If the day comes we offer a VB6 version there will be a discount for current license holders but it is likely there would be some change to upgrade.


    • Horizon911
      New Member
      • Feb 2017
      • 6
      • 5.2.x

      Thanks for that Joe.

      Another question, is there a "like" feature in VB5?

      Every forum I have used has this feature, but I think its an add on for VB3 & 4 boards?



      • glennrocksvb
        Former vBulletin Developer
        • Mar 2011
        • 3957
        • 5.7.X

        Yes there is David. It's a built-in feature in vB5. You should be able to see it at the bottom of each post. I actually liked your previous post.

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