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New purchase - what will i get?

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  • New purchase - what will i get?

    Hi so with new purchase od vb5 that one for 249.00
    What is inside?

    1. I'm really looking at vbb 4.2.2 forum only - that's all i need. Is this soft included if so what version will install by default before update? (php support), and when will my lic. expire?

    2. I purchased vbb long time ago - it was ver 3. licence - expired r now. Is this licence good for 1 year?? Can i still use this vbb if so how to get it?

    Also every time my domain changes - for example if i want to use vb on a different domain i pay 45.00 for transfer??
    Im confused on this long licence agreement.
    For example if i decide that i want to remove this soft from website "" and use it on website "" - i pay 45.00??

    I understand that i can't use this soft on both domains as licence is domain specific.??

    Thanx for any help on this.

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    1. A new $249 license gives you access to any version you need to run (you can only run ONE per license, regardless of version). If you want to run 4.2.2 you can, but we'd recommend 4.2.3. Nothing installs by default, you simply download the right package for the version you wish to run.

    2. If you already have an old style 'owned' license, you can continue to run the software but won;t get any updates. These licenses don't expire, but have not been sold since 2009 so the versions you will be able to access are old, insecure and unsupported. You can upgrade an old style license to a newer style vB4 license though for $149. If you do that, you can run 4.2.3. This license does not give access to vB5 though, whereas the $249 one does. If you're not planning to run vB5 though, this won't matter.
    If however your old license was an old style 'leased' license, this was only valid for one year, after that it expired completely and you had to remove the software from the server.
    If you need help accessing your old license, please email [email protected] with as much info as you can, and they'll try to track it down and advise which type it is.

    Whichever new style license you end up buying, they never expire at will always be able to download the latest versions of either vB4 in the case of the vB4 upgrade license, or both vB4 and vB5 in the case of the full $249 license.YOu would only need a new license in the future if we ever released a vB6 (and you wanted to use it). Currently there are no plans for us to do that, and no work is being done on any vB6.

    You can only buy the $149 vB4 'upgrade' license if you already have an existing old-style vB3 'owned' license.

    You can change domain as often as you like, there is no fee for doing this, you simply update your URL in the members area.
    You can only run ONE instance of the software per license, but you can have other domains redirecting to the one your software is on, as long as they redirect to the same area of the forum (you can't have different domains redirecting to different sections of your forum to make it look like two separate forums - that requires two licenses).
    The $45 transfer fee is only for when you are selling or otherwise transferring ownership of the license to someone else, it's unrelated to domain changes.

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      Hi, would it be possible to translate the apps language? I am looking to get the bundle but I am not sure about the apps language if can be translated or to add another language pack.
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        As a user you will not be able to translate the language for the mobile app. We have several language translations- what language(s) do you need to use?

        Edit- If your language did not exist you could create a custom translation and our developers would integrate it into the app so you could use it. For more info see this topic -
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          Hi Joe, I am looking to get Romanian language for the apps if possible, I am not talking as a user I was enquiring if is possible after purchase. Rhanks
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            Also will the apps code will be provided with the purchase for individual customisations?
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              Romanian is one of our supported languages for the mobile suite. Below are the available languages (by ISO code.)

              Click image for larger version

Name:	mobile suite language codes.png
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Size:	26.5 KB
ID:	4359182

              However you do not get access to the Mobile App coded. It cannot be edited. Our Mobile Publisher is a web interface that allows you to customize colors and logo images but beyond that the code itself cannot be viewed or changed.


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