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Pre-Sale Questions for migration from v. 3.73

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  • Pre-Sale Questions for migration from v. 3.73


    I would like to ask a few questions regarding the features and functionality of vBulletin 5 as we are forced to upgrade our forum based on vB version 3.73.

    1.) Regarding the SEO feature, we are currently using vbseo to convert our URLs. As they are integrated into our web portal, we would like to be sure they stay the same after the upgrade process to avoid linking issues here.
    2.) Are there any known upgrade issues in terms of user permissions, forum structure and forum visibility?
    3.) Does vBulletin support options for a multi-language forum such as seeing threads in a user's language only, and adapting category/sub-forum titles to the languages available?
    4.) Our English forum is currently running on a separate installation and database than our German forum. Is there a possibility to merge both into a single installation without using the contents?

    Thank you very much in advance!

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    1. There is no SEO 'feature'. vB5 uses what are sometimes called 'friendly URLs'. Default URLs from vB3 will redirect to their vB5 equivalents. However, vBSEO was a third party product, and their URLs will not redirect.
    2. The only thing you might run into is that vB5 doesn't use 'Access Masks', that was dropped. You can still control permissions by usergroup though.
    3. You can have multiple languages in the same way that you can in vB3. However you cannot translate forum names or posts.
    4. This is theoretically possible using ImpEx: However, we can no longer provide any official suppport for ImpEx, it was open-sourced several years ago and is no longer developed. It should however be able to merge two vB3 forums together as long as you do it before you upgrade to vB5, as ImpEx will not work for vB5. Also, please note that if search engine results are important to you, then merging two forums means all the forum, post and thread IDs would change, meaning whether you use vBSEO or not the search engine links will break.
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      Thank you very much for your response! We will discuss this and get back to you.


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        I would like to ask an additional question regarding the languages.

        So the procedure of changing the forum language hasn't changed since vB3. My question is though, as this was a feature we have heard about before, is it possible to limit the visibility of categories and forums to visitors who selected a specific language in their user profile?

        E.g. forum splits in category "English" followed by various sub-forums, then category "German" with sub-forums, "French", etc. Is it possible to set up that anyone chosing "English" as their language will only see the "English" category and sub-forums, while someone selecting "German" will only see the German sub-forums and so forth?


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          That is not a feature built into the software.


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