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Few questions about purchasing VB5 used license

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    Thanks Joe,
    I can't argue about contacting sales for the above answer and I did in fact do so for the transaction i refer to in the link above.

    BUT~ I can't argue either with the idea that USED Licences should ALSO be addressed HERE in support.

    Please don't get me wrong~ I have absolutely NO SYMPATHY for doing so mYself .... I REALLY ought to have read AND reread the licence agreement 1st.

    However~The BUY CHEAP issue will arise as too will then issues about supporting that used licence ~ do not think this is such a bad thing. Had I been more attuned to all the Mods (most I now feel) will be wanting.... a Cheap Licence... could have given me a way to EXPLORE 1st and then liking purchase for real.

    The warnings ARE however valid & SO TOO the question of " just how long - before a used licence CAN NOT be clawed back, as sales said."
    NOW~ I Come from a very specific point...... in *TOME*
    One that goes back to *before* Fishies.......Grew *Toes*

    BUT~ NOT to point before Fishies, recognised *point* ~To Nose
    OR *MOM*~Shiver'd AT ALL> D'Stars wanting to *own* ~*HER HOME*


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      The support team don't have access to the sales tools needed to deal with license transfers. They will not be handled by support, nor will they be handled in the support forums.

      People wanting to to do things cheaply equals risks to them that we cannot mitigate. We cannot possibly offer any advice on clawbacks etc. If you don't want this risk, buy a brand new license instead.

      The process for this isn't going to change. Our recommendation remains to buy a brand new license directly from vBulletin. This method is risk free and hassle free. Sorry that we cannot be of further assistance.

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