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Few questions about purchasing VB5 used license

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  • Few questions about purchasing VB5 used license

    I have VB4 license with brand free, planing to purchase used VB5 license with mobile suite
    As far as I know (maybe I am wrong) my brand free license goes only with my VB4 and I can use it if I upgrade to VB5
    So question is can I bound brandfree license with some other like in this case used VB5 license with mobile suite....and later on to sell myVB4 without brand free ...what are my options here?
    Also will I be able to use ticket support in a same way as I can now with VB4, even if VB5 support has expired?
    Can someone explain this little bit?
    Thank you

    Remember some 2 years ago bunch of people were saying this or that about VB5 but at first look VB5 now for me looks just fine, looks great....opinions?

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    The Branding Free license is "married" to the VB4 license you bought it with and cannot be moved to a different license. If you ever transfer the VB4 license the branding free will go with it.

    In the same way if a license has the mobile suite attached to it, it will always be "married" to that license and cannot be transferred separately.

    With our current system you always have access to the ticket support form whether you officially have ticket support or not. This is because even customers who don't officially have a ticket support plan will sometimes be directed by forum staff to submit a ticket when the issue is not something we can solve in the forums- for example if we need login information we will need to do it by ticket. Also any sales or billing issues get handled by tickets regardless of ticket support status.

    If someone doesn't have ticket support and we get a ticket from them and it is an issue that could easily be answered on the forums (and may even benefit others) we will direct the customer to please post the issue on the forum instead or purchase a ticket support plan.

    As for the VB5 opinions, better answered by customers actually using it.


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      To piggy back off what Joe said and to make sure it is absolutely clear: Since Branding-Free is "married" to a license, if you upgrade your vB4 license to vB5, the branding-free will still apply to it.
      If you purchase a brand new license it will not have Branding-Free unless you purchase it again.
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        @Joshua Gonzales
        Joe D.
        Thank you for answers, this is making things more clear.
        I was thinking same, that my brand free is bounded with my VB4 license....just checking my options, gathering info in order to decide what to do

        And new VB5 with mobile suite is almost 400$ while upgrade from VB4 to VB5 with mobile suite is 360$....what kind of upgrade is that if I need few hundred $ every few years? I know that I can use VB4 for unlimited period of time but everything develops and needs to be upgraded so...
        Imagine that someone is selling to you car without a wheels, you can sit in it and you can even drive it but only when you sleep....
        That is how I feel when I look the price of VB5 with mobile suite

        Do I get some basic style for smartphones with "VB5 connect"?
        If so where can I see one?
        If I sell my VB4, and if I am not in EU can license be transfered and 45$ transfer fee is something that has to be paid in order to transfer license to someone else?
        45$ is for what, its bit too much even for an loan sharks if we consider that used license is around 50$...being honest here, no intentions to insult anyone.
        Lets say if I sell my branfree with license for 100$ I will have to give half of that for
        transfering license.
        Why after so much time there is just few modifications for VB5 on

        Thank you

        I dont see a reason that one company should force us to purchase another product
        as prices and what is offered is making us look another solutions.
        Another moment is that in many places (even in Europe) 400-500$ is one month pay
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          1. The Mobile Suite is specifically for generating iOS and Android apps that can be submitted to the app stores. Mobile responsiveness is built in vBulletin 5 without the Mobile Suite.
          2. All license transfers require a $45 fee be paid. Licenses originating in or transferred to anywhere but the EU are only eligible for one transfer.
          3. We do not sell used licenses so the price of those are inconsequential to us. We charge a fee because it takes a considerable amount of time and work for our agents to complete the process.
          4. vBulletin 5's core architecture is different than vBulletin 4, making it a bit harder to code addons and mods for. We are trying to remedy this by doing things such as adding in the PHP Hooks features that was part of 5.2.2 or 5.2.3.
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            To be clearer on the "Mobile" style for VB5. the basic VB5 style (you're using as you read this) is "Responsive" which means the same style is used for both desktop and mobile devices. It resizes to best fit the screen it is being used on. Things rearrange themselves automatically.


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              Sent support ticket last night (Ticketid: 1532168), trying to purchase used VB5 from one of members here but there is no any reply!
              He also sent ticket but still nothing!? (Ticketid: 1532170)
              It was some +10h ago, how long does it take to get an answer so that we can proceede with transactions?
              I will pay 45$ to VB for transfer is there anyone to take the $ and give me informations !?
              Sunday so nobody is working?

              its really a shame that we dont have here one thread where we can contact each others in order to purchase or sell used license.
              I mean you help us anyways with transfer, so what is the problem that we talk about this here?
              Its more safe for us, for example if I see that member who was here for long time and he had normal discussion with members....for me this is more safe than some stranger on some small site...
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                License transfer requests are dealt with by sales, rather than support, sales are not open at weekends. Besides which, you won't necessarily get a response inside ten hours for a license transfer. It isn't classed as urgent, and our staff work in various different time zones.

                We do not get involved in license transfers other than the actual mechanics of the transfer. If we provided facilities to buy and sell licenses in the forums we could end up liable if something went wrong. We accept no liability whatsoever on second hand license sales, the recommended way to obtain a license is to buy a new one.
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                  Yes I sent email to sales support, there is no answer after +12h
                  I understand its nothing urgent but +5h as a reply is not serious if you ask me even for way smaller companies.
                  Above all VB makes nice ammount for small help, 45$
                  I am not trying to argue here, justpointing out things that are not proper and serious.
                  Maybe best way is to forbid this transfer, not to sit on two chairs in same time, saying oh no we are not responsible for this or that while its still allowed to do so....
                  Simply give me basic service, I am following rules.
                  Guy who is selling will probably give up now and I will end up wasting my time and time of VB staff as I will not be able to complete transaction as there is no proper response by VB


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                    Finally got reply that sales department is not working till Monday
                    At least I got me some info that I can forward to seller ....


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                      To be clear there is the Support department (who help fix problems with sites) and the Sales department (which deals with software sales and license transfers.) Whether you email us at the support email (or form) or the sales email (or form) we will move your request to the correct department Since your request falls under our sales department it will be sometime after 9AM Pacific Time on Monday before you get a useful reply, we apologize for the delay but it is not unexpected that a sales issue remains unanswered for 12, 24, or even 36 hours over the weekend. Depending on your timezone a 12 hour wait during the week isn't out of the question.


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                        OMG reading my previous posts I realized i can be a real pri*k
                        Bumped here by accident, searching on google about used license (planing to purchase one more) and search brought me here hhahahaha Jesus

                        When i bumped here already, let me ask
                        Some VB5 licenses can be sold more than once as used?
                        Previous used one that I purchased (as I remember) can't be sold any more....
                        Or it is for all licenses, sold only once as used and that's it?
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                          Originally posted by goxy63 View Post
                          OMG reading my previous posts I realized i can be a real pri*k
                          Bumped here by accident, searching on google about used license (planing to purchase one more) and search brought me here hhahahaha Jesus
                          Glenn Vergara had a few people selling used licenses on his site at one time. You might check there.



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                            I have both made such a purchase and made a post about it on Glenn;s forum below link


                            There is only one question left to answer... from whom not sure, sale I think BUT~

                            THE QUESTION

                            Well, with all advantages in the sellers hands, including a CLAW BACK at any time, I will most certainly not be buying a used licence again.

                            OH~ the question... you say the above can happen... but HOW long before I or any other buying that way... can be certain. No claw back will be given. Transfer fee... not got something to say about that?
                            NOW~ I Come from a very specific point...... in *TOME*
                            One that goes back to *before* Fishies.......Grew *Toes*

                            BUT~ NOT to point before Fishies, recognised *point* ~To Nose
                            OR *MOM*~Shiver'd AT ALL> D'Stars wanting to *own* ~*HER HOME*


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                              Whether a VB5 license can be resold depends both on the status of the license and the country the current (not future) owner of the license lives in. You should contact sales ( for a determination if any specific license may be resold/transferred again. Even if it can be there are significant risks to the buyer and seller in such transactions.


                              • x.its.tongue.MOM
                                x.its.tongue.MOM commented
                                Editing a comment
                                Thanks Joe.
                                you have trotted out the standard response.... AND I get it. Fool indeed CAN be the 1 who goes that *used* route.

                                BUT~ It is seldom indeed that I have not forked before posting, the possible outcome... to the questions I ask. Even more so, since mY Purpose does, and will I hope ALWAYS ~ALL Ways ~ include THE FORUM ? Forums vBulletin are providing.

                                SO NEVER or ?????? time should have been & now possibly will be also The answer here.

                                NEXT~ As I have said above I have also opened THIS SUBJECT on Forum.

                                Had the above answer been as hoped... the question HERE would have been IS IT possible to *quote* from here AND carry over THAT quote to the posting I made in Glenn's Forum.

                                NO or yes... will suffice.

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