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Any Large Sites Running VB5?

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  • Any Large Sites Running VB5?

    So, we are long overdue to upgrade our forums. I was curious if anyone has any examples of larger sites being run on vbulletin connect 5? Most of the lists I've found online, I go to the site, only to find it is running a different software now.

    One of our sites has 3 million posts with a couple thousand users online at a given time, and another about 1.5 million with 60,000+ users online at a given time. A third site is newer and doesn't have near the volume, but will be the first site upgraded (going in order of complexity).

    I was trying to find some examples to see whether or not the performance was worth it.

    I've only read terrible reviews about vb5, but nothing recent (from 2016 onward), so I'm not entirely sure how things have progressed over the last year or so. seems to be running ok, and there appear to be some nice features, but I am becoming increasingly hesitant about how much of a pain it may/may not be to upgrade our forums to vb5, and/or how they will perform. Given that the upgrade process will involve updating php and mysql on our servers, and will be pretty extensive either way, I'm wondering if we might be better suited moving to something with a more robust community these days. VB5 seems to have a limited audience and very limited support over at as well. Given what appears to be a significantly smaller user base at present, I am also concerned about the long term survival of vb.

    I realize I am posting on vbulletin's website, so may not get the most neutral of responses I am just wondering what folks thoughts are who have made the jump from 4.x to 5.x, and how larger sites are performing on 5.2.3.


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    I think given the amount of time Vbulletin 3 and 4 has been out you'll find that they are going to have the larger amount of members etc. I came in late (1.5 years ago) into the Vbulletin revisions. I believe I avoided the initial headaches of the software development. Starting at 5.1.7. I haven't any issues that are concerning with the software. You can visit my site in my signature. You may want to check out this new site for Vb 5 mods: Glenn Rocks!

    From what I hear many "smart" admins did not jump ship to vb 5 in order to avoid the bugs that most new software has. And from what I see now, some are stating that Vb 5 is coming along, one in particular that I can think of stated last month that they believe Vb 5 is ready to go live from their development site.I know Vb lacks mods, and if some mods are important to you then I can certainly understand going with another software.

    However, I have what I need, and actually removed some mods because the site was becoming overly "bloated" in size.

    I had a Vb 4 site, but honestly, it felt really outdated in a lot of areas compared to Vb 5. I sold the extra license some six months ago.

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      for an image heavy forum vb5 is still very much has the groundwork to be more amazing than anything by far, but im not sure when...

      regarding 3rd party modifications, in alot of cases they are less needed in vb5 as there are better tools to customize easily...

      you will need to make a test environment anyway so you can keep the live sites running and the test ones on the higher php/sql versions, but there are a few ways to accomplish this...doesnt matter if you went to another software or not that will be the same....4.2.x however, will soon be compatible up to php7 and currently supports mariaDB10 so you can even begin testing on mirrors of the live ones to see what modifications break on those php/sql versions


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