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  • Joe D.
    There is no means we have of providing the content in any format other than the webpages you use on the forum or the database backup itself.

    The database backup could be loaded into a local copy of the vBulletin 5 download product if you wanted to keep that for archival purposes. It would require the purchase of the VB5 Connect license and suitable hosting.

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  • systemsworks
    started a topic Content from Forum

    Content from Forum

    We are looking at using your hosted application to use for an open discussion location for a local government project.
    We have some retention requirements around the discussion items and need to be able to download the content and save it on our network for the necessary retention period.

    A database backup would not be easy enough to use to access the information.

    Is it possible to save/archive off the content in a readable, user friendly format?

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