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  • Footer question - VB Cloud

    Just a few VB Cloud pre-sale questions:

    1) Can you add to the footer in VB Cloud? I would like to add a disclaimer for a fan site.
    2) Can I create/configure the entire site before I link to the domain? I am creating a forum to replace an existing site, and don't want to switch over until the VB Cloud site is 100% ready.
    3) Can I edit the FAQ sections?
    4) Is there a detailed manual for setup?

    Thank you.

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    1) You can add a custom disclaimer. There is a setting in Site Name / URL / Contact Details called "Copyright Text" you can add what you want there. You could also edit existing copyright phrases but you must keep the vBulletin copyright.

    2) Yes you will be able to access the site via a domain until you activate the custom domain.

    3) The FAQ from VB3 and VB4 had been removed. It has been replaced with a new "Help" system but yes you can add or manage existing help items.

    4) Not a complete manual. There is a quick setup option to guide you through the basics. You can find more info on this forum, there is a Tips & Tricks topic for vBCloud that tells you how to do a lot of additional common tasks you might want to complete, and other topics on how to use VB5 in general.


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