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  • Can this be done?

    I purchased my vBulletin license in 2004 but stopped using it long ago. Please bear with me because some of the following questions may appear to be ignorant.

    I want to set up a community website for a "club" of some 200 members. I want these members to enter into an online conversation that simply wasn't there before. Most importantly though I want to provide them with functionality that existed in the legacy web site to be turned off soon:

    (1) registration for the annual event: Members need to be able to register their participation for the annual event by adding their name and possibly email address for the annual event. A list needs to be generated from this registration to support the organizing committee.

    (2) Members who registered for the annual event need to be offered a choice of eight workshops (static text) to pick one favourite and two alternative workshops from. This information needs to be entered visible to the member and the organiser of the event, not the general public.

    (3) Members need to be able to provide driving information that allows other members to join them on their car or train or bus trip to the event. This may be entered in a publicly visible fashion (a classical forum format may be well suited for this).

    (4) Their needs to be a public face to the website and a private face for members who entered their login information. The public face will have no bulletin board style design but an ordinary website design. The private face of the web site needs to have both blog as well as forum as well as the aforementioned registration parts.

    I want this website and functionality to be hosted as part of the vBulletin cloud offering. Thank you for your support with these questions.

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    It would be difficult if not impossible to achieve all of that with vBulletin, particularly cloud which does not allow access to third party modifications.

    vBulletin is discussion forum software, and what it provides is discussion forum functionality. It doesn't provide any event management functionality, indeed vBulletin 5 doesn't even have a calendar like earlier versions.

    You might get closer with vBulletin 4 which has a calendar but this is not tied to any forum permissions. It would require third party custom coding to achieve what you're looking for.

    There used to be a third party event management add on for vBulletin 4, but I have no idea if it's still available or if it would cover everything you want. Might be worth having a look on, the modification and customisation site.

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