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Where might one find vBulletin Cloud Reviews?

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  • Where might one find vBulletin Cloud Reviews?


    I'm looking at vBulletin Cloud. Where might one find recent reviews on vB Cloud from current users/customers?


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    Some people may respond to this, I don't believe we keep an official collection of reviews.


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      I was kind of thinking: Links to non-biased reviews but just on the Cloud version. I've found many reviews on the self-hosted version and it definitely doesn't look favorable. This one site ( alone shows 72% 1 out of 5 stars, with 1 being the worst. Many other online reviews show similar results on vB after the Internet Brands takeover. I was just wondering if 5 Connect and Cloud are any better. I've sent emails to sales with questions and haven't heard back on any in a week or so. Are the new versions better? I'm skeptical but open to any feedback. Thanks again.


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        There were organized campaigns by people who strongly dislike the company to post reviews at places like trustpilot. The best places to get reviews are sites where other web administrators talk with one another freely. I will be honest, the early reviews of VB5 were poor, it was released with many bugs. However people using it now have a much more favorable view then they did when it was first released.


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