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Can one forum have themes with different widths?

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  • Can one forum have themes with different widths?

    1. The forum has 75% width. What are the benefits of that compared to 100% width, like I assume this forum is?
    2. Can one forum have themes with different widths?

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    We offer layouts in 1, 2 or 3 columns with a variety of choices. The benefits are that you can build a site that you want and place modules in the areas that you feel fit your site the best.

    Each forum can have its own theme assigned. Each page/channel can have a different layout with its own modules and content. Every theme is capable of rendering any page layout.
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      1. But your forum stretches further out to the edges when you Ctrl+scroll the mouse wheel. On when you do this, there's still a wider area on each side that doesn't get "filled". Why is that?

      2. What I meant: can users select, say, the default theme, which has that "not-filled" width, and then also from the theme dropdown menu at the bottom left corner select, say, the Black Red theme, which then has the width that this forum has?


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        Where's my reply?


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          in another topic

          Originally posted by fionix View Post
          Found how to make it

          styles ->Style Variable Editor ->
          doc_maxWidth = 100%
          doc_width = 100%

          CLEAR the CACHE after the changes have been done!

          problem solved.


          • ByreStraits
            ByreStraits commented
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            You're saying that e.g. the default theme can be:

            doc_maxWidth = 75%
            doc_width = 75%

            … and then when a user changes to another theme from the dropdown in the bottom left corner, this theme can be:

            doc_maxWidth = 100%
            doc_width = 100%

            This is what I want to achieve.

          • IggyP
            IggyP commented
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            yes you can set stylevar separate for each style

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