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  • Template modification

    I have been trying to learn via the trial version and would like to know if i will be able to modify the template as i have tried to illustrate in the attached picture.
    It seems a massive waste of space and effectively takes up the top half of the screen. Why have 3 headings all saying the same thing? Forum, forum, forum.
    I use a forum powered by vbulletin that doesn't have the subheading tabs circled, I would like to be able to remove them, and i suppose trial them to see if users actually use them.
    Anyays, advice in if i can remove all of this wasted space and how mcuh haassle it will be will be very welcome.
    Many thanks in advance

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    With the purchase of the download version you have full control over templates, but I would not recommend making those changes. The Big forums will be your site name, in the test site it happens to be forums. The labels will make more sense once you customize it. The empty space will show other things, and if you mess with that you may break the responsive nature of the style on small screen devices.


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      Thanks for the advice


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