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  • Very Slow

    I was looking at vBulletin 5 however it just feels really slow, even from this site. Is there an update coming out to speed it up? Would consider buying it if it was faster.

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    Could I get an update regardig this? I love the look of vB5 however its taking me 5 seconds to load a page


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      Most updates have included performances updates and that will continue. I can also honestly say I've been to VB5 sites of customers that perform better than these forums. VB5's top selling points are Site Builder and Responsive Style... Speed will improve but I think it's fair to say no one is expecting VB5 to become the fastest forum out there.


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        Are there any big vb5 forums out there I can see performance on?

        Also there was some other things I had quesitons on. For example is it possible to make the member list 100% private to non members? So no one can see it etc.


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          Joe can I PM you?


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            Originally posted by Up2Vex View Post
            Are there any big vb5 forums out there?
            This is probably the largest.


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              There are quite a few, including some on Cloud as well, but we can't just post customer sites up for all to view, it would require consent from the customer, hence why we don't do it.

              I've personally upgraded at least a dozen sites with over a million posts onto vB5 and they are running without issue.

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                I also noticed that the reply/post doesn't show many bb code options like old versions did


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                  You have to click the "A" icon to bring up the "Advanced" toolbar to see the BBCode options.

                  You can try to PM me if you want but I do not believe unlicensed users can use the PM system here. Feel free to ask any questions you want in the forum if PM isn't available.


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                    Ah ok so thats where it is! Looks very nice!

                    PHP Code:


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