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  • Why Choose vBulletin

    According to this thread:

    vBulletin staff are somewhat evil.

    I want to clarify this and find out IF vBulletin is really becoming like infopop, before i buy vbulletin, and see if i get below-average service.

    i hope vbulletin is still the nice company as reflected in this board and and clarify my doubts.

    if you admins decide to delete this thread, you know what your company is like... (infopop bans "vbulletin" the word on their board) are you going to ban UBB too?


    Before you commit to vBulletin, you should read this discussion about an ill-advised action they took against a legitimate license holder. It looks like they may be going down the same road as InfoPop in terms of the way they treat their customers. With so many freeware PHP/MySQL forum products on the market now, you should shop around before you pay for a vBulletin license and perhaps get the same treatment as that vBulletin user.

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    As John Percival explained in that thread, there was a miscommunication which caused an erroneous email to be sent. We are not "evil" and the supposed reason that the incident there took place (entering license information in your profile) was done away with months ago.


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      No, the truth is that YourHostSucks was in violation of the license agreement. That doesn't mean he was running a pirated version of vBulletin as there are various ways one can violoate the license agreement. All of that has been cleared up at this time bu you may still search these vary forums for posts by him to clearly see that we do not delete threads.

      Users are required, per the license, to maintain the url where there forums are located in their member information. If they fail to do this than they can receive a letter asking them to prove they own a license by providing their license number. If they fail to do so, because they don't have one or because they don't feel they have to than the situation will be escalated. If we can not verify the forum via the url than the license is as good as invalid because the license agreement clearly states that the current URL must be maintained in their infomation at


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        I've had the pleasure of talking to John personally, and I must say him, and the rest of the staff are some of the nicest people I've met. When I ran into a serious problem with my database, (my fault), they gave me VERY quick support, and for that, well I can't help but thank them.
        Kudos to the Jelsoft team
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          one more thing:

          why choose vBulletin over any other software product (which might be free) like phpBB or XMBForums other than the excellent support vB tech support gives


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            JCCF, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

            Other software may be free, but do you get the 24/7 support?
            EVEN on holidays?

            Free software are written by people in their spare time. So that means they give help in their spare time. what if your forum crashes in the middle of the night? Do you think they'll be up to help you?

            Also, the "response" time for any help is avg 4 hours. Can you get that anywhere else?

            I remember comparing phpbb to vb when I first was looking for a forum software. I posted three questions to their help room, and got an answer 1 week later or got no answer at all.

            Does the other software allow for easy customizations? hacks? Support for those hacks? The developers working with you?

            Again, you get what you pay for. Pay nothing, you'll be lucky to get support.
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              Originally posted by jcccf
              other than the excellent support vB tech support gives
              That, along with the commitment to quality and superior, secure code is the reason.

              Paying for a license ensures there is someone there to release a new version with bug fixes in a timely manner instead of waiting 8 months till some guy who's developing a program in his spare time, has time to release a bug fix. It ensures that security fixes are made available as rapidly as humanly possible instead of waiting till someone gets around to it or goes on summer vacation from school.

              But most of all, it ensures there is someone there at 3 am on Christmas morning to help you figure out why your forums suddenly stopped working or why your server load just went through the roof.


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