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Upgrading from 3.8.x to 5 cloud

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  • Upgrading from 3.8.x to 5 cloud

    Hi, i need to migrate from 3.8.1 to 5. I'm evaluating to buy the cloud version. Can you help me and import all my forum data into the cloud version ?
    I think have to buy the SILVER version, because i have 55GB of traffic in 1 month.
    So i can have a third level domain forum.mydomain.ext with a DNS to your service ?

    Thanks ...

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    Please create a support ticket in the Member's Area. We will give you info on how we can import your site into vBCloud.

    You can have a third level domain but it is accomplished by you creating a CNAME record for the "host" (forum in your example) on your domain with your registrar. We have instructions for a number of popular registrars here:

    The other information you need will be given to you when your purchase is complete.

    As a reminder the differences between vBCloud and the download version are here:


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