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Question about registration on forum after purchase of mobile app

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  • BirdOPrey5
    The vBulletin Mobile Suite was not designed to be the only way to access a forum. It is not intended to function how you ask. If it is possible it would only be after you got someone to code a number of changes to the forum software- likely at great expense. We can't say it's impossible, it likely is possible, but it is not at all how the software was designed to work and it is not a setup we could provide support for should you choose to go this route.

    vBulletin is not designed to be a mobile-only forum.

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  • Fin13
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  • Question about registration on forum after purchase of mobile app

    I sort of asked this in previous threads but here is my main question: If someone purchases the mobile app, can they then register themselves on the main web forum via the app and start using the forum? My plan has been to sell an advice app that is essentially a forum, but I want the end user to purchase the app, then be able to use the forum. Is this possible with mobile suite? I suppose one could also just pay on the web and not purchase the app too. So, is purchasing mobile suite enough for the customer to then register for the forum? Also, is there a way to either mask, lock or somehow prevent access to the web version so everyone uses the app? I believe that the htaccess editor privacy lock would lock the end user on the mobile suite as well, so that wouldn't work. My hope would be that the customer purchases mobile suite and then has full access to the web version, but that the web version cannot be used for free as that would defeat the purpose.

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