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Upgrade Question - What Is The Best Option?

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  • Upgrade Question - What Is The Best Option?


    using vb4 and vbseo on my forum.

    majority of my visitors are now mobile so i'd like to keep up with the times.

    which upgrade would be best?

    stick with vb4 and purchase the mobile addon? ($199)
    go with vb5 (since it's responsive) ($209 upgrade cost)

    i assume it'd be worth it to just upgrade to vb5 and get what i think i'll get by sticking with vb4+mobile addon (is this addon the same as the vb5 mobile suite bundle? - if so, then the choice is clear then and go with vb5?)

    and the next question would be...what to do with vbseo? majority of my traffic is from natural search. would dbseo be worth it or it'd be a similiar story later on down the line if dbseo isn't supported anymore and it's better to just bite the bullet and go with vb5 alone.

    it's been a few years so I haven't been able to keep up but searching the forum to catch up.

    in my members area i see a "vBulletin Mobile Style Premium"....i'm assuming that's not needed?

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    If you're using vBSEO you would lose your existing URLs by upgrading to vB5.
    DBSEO is probably the only option iof you want to stop using vBSEO on vB4, but yes in theory you could run into the same issue later on.

    Are you aware that vB4 comes with a mobile style built in?
    vBulletin Support


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      edit: found the answer to my question about mobile template by searching some more.


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