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I want a store in my website.

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  • I want a store in my website.


    A couple of questions:

    1. I want to have a store in my website and wonder if it is possible to set one up within vBulletin. If not, can I set up a WooCommerce platform in the and have a link called Forum which will link to the vBulletin -

    2. If I get vBulletin Cloud and make changes/modifications and then decide to purchase the license and host the site; will I be able to transfer all the data and modifications?

    I am a newbie Thank you for your assistance.
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    1) No. vBulletin doesn't offer stores or the means to sell products by default. You can install vBulletin in a subdirectory or subdomain of your site.

    2) You can make changes to the CSS and Style Variables of a cloud site to affect its look and feel. You can also upload custom images to be used in those same modifications. You cannot edit templates or apply extensions or template hooks to the system. If you transfer to a self-hosted license, you can request a database backup which would also include your CSS and Style Variable changes. It would not contain any custom images you uploaded. You would have to replace those and update the paths in the CSS and/or Style Variables.
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      Thank you Wayne for your response.

      1. Okay. I am considering a WordPress for the home page with a link to the store (Woo-commerce) and a link to the forum (vBulletin) but am still researching. Would this work?

      Can Paypal be connected to sales in forums as is done in DigitalPoint? I suppose it can be managed somehow, as in WarriorForum purchases can be made in threads. How would this work?

      2. Okay.
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    Oops. I selected Comment and well, it's interesting how that works. So, it does not create an independent post for a reply but becomes part of the post being commented on. And if it is a comment, it does not show on the main forum. Is there a video showing how all the buttons work?


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      You can disable post comments if you want.

      No reason you couldn't link from Wordpress to a VB forum but understand there is no feature in vBulletin or Wordpress that will allow people to log into one and remain logged into the other. They would be treated like separate sites with separate users unless you can find a 3rd party plugin that lets the two talk together. This is called a bridge. There are some bridges out there for various versions of VB and Wordpress but we do not provide any support for 3rd party modifications.

      The only place PayPal is used in vBulletin is to allow users to purchase paid subscriptions. This usually gives the user more permissions or extras that regular users do not have. You can configure what usergroup(s) people who purchase paid subscriptions get moved to.


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