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  • Josh4596
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    • Mar 2015
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    Audio uploads

    Hello. I'm very interested in purchasing vB but I need to be able to upload audio to whatever forum software I choose to go with. Is there any add-on or something that would add the ability for members to upload audio to the user profile where you can upload images/videos? Or is there a gallery add-on or something that supports uploading & streaming audio?

    Either of those addons for 4.2 would be fine as well, don't think I'm going to start out using vb5+
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  • BirdOPrey5
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    • Jul 2008
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    I am not aware of any specific add-on for audio but you can add mp3 and/or other audio files as allowed files in attachment manager so that the files can be attached to posts and other content. (Be sure you move attachments to the file system in Admin CP so you database doesn't get huge from all the uploaded content.)

    You can then an audio player as a custom bbcode for playing content such as-

    You can also make an HTML5 audio played BBCode yourself -


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