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  • URL rewrite

    What url rewrite options are available in vbulletin 5? I'm looking for a seo friendly one.

    Today I use this one, which I guess won't work:

    url looks like this

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    The vB5 URLs are the ones you see on these forums. There are no options in the AdminCP to change these. The vB4 URL rewrite options are not in vB5 anymore, but there is an improvement request to implement them again (VBV-4528).


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      Ah yes of cause. Could have figured that out myself Anyway, those urls looks good.

      Now the question is how I do a 301 from /f2/example-se-t3629/ to the new urls... Might the support be able to help me with that after purchase?


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        I have another question also, is the old html sitemap still available? Ref


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          URLs are rewritten automatically do the new format.

          No there is no sitemap in vBulletin 5.


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            Yes, and I need a 301 from the old to the new url. Otherwise internal links within the forum will be broken...

            Ok about the sitemap. I will try to find a plugin.


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              If your site uses one of the default VB4 URL types (basic, friendly standard or friendly advanced) then VB5 will automatically redirect old URLs to new URLs.

              Simple 301 redirects wouldn't work even if possible as VB5 will renumber all your content. Thread 1001 might become Topic 22031 in VB5, so VB5 needs to process and translate the number to redirect to the correct place.


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