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I like it, but UBB 6.2!

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  • I like it, but UBB 6.2!

    I host a couple of sites and one of them using UBB6.2, we are discussing changing to VB, but people are posting there is not way to convert right now.

    Is there an ETA on it, this board only has 1 hack to UBB, 8 mods per forum.

    I am also guessing that it is pretty easy to have more than one of these running on a server.

    Yes I know each one needs a license.

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    They are currently offering a set of scripts that will allow you to import posts, threads and users from the following programs: Ultimate Bulletin Board 5, Infopop Ultimate Bulletin Board 6.0 and 6.1, Infopop UBBThreads 5.4 (formely wwwthreads), Infopop and OpenTopic

    Unofficial importers for phpBB and UB2k (Ultraboard) are available from Maybe along with some others.

    I haven't heard anything yet about 6.2 being released. But I could have overlooked the thread.

    You can run more then one vBulletin forum on one web server, but you can only run one vBulletin per database, because there currently is no prefix support for the table-names. > database1 > database2 > database3

    and yes, every instance needs a seperate license. You can buy bulk, to get discount!

    Just found this post for ya - which is ubb6.2 related.
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      I'm sorry about the delays Basically the current importer can handle everything except private messages for UBB 6.2. When 6.2 was released they changed the PM format so much that it means a total rewrite of that section of the importer and it is much harder to get the information from UBB's PM data files than before.


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        Well i am not using Private Messages at all, so that means I can use the 6.X one without any problem (I HOPE).

        Let me know.


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          James, to be clear (I have a UBB 6.2 that I'd like to convert to VBulletin) if I delete all the private messages in the UBB 6.2, I should be able to use the UBB 6.x importer?



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            I would say yes...

            and if you are going to buy it... could you please use the link in my sig... as that way I get a bit of commision, but it doesnt cost you anything



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              Thank you for the information, Stephen. I'm already committed to buying it through someone else's link (the nice man who's going to install and move it for me )


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                Ok, fair enough



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                  I didn't quite say that What I meant was that the UBB 6.x converter has been updated to 6.2 except for PMs, but this updated version isn't publicly available yet.

                  Although if you did need it urgently and have a license, and if you are willing to test the ubb 6.2 importer then I'm sure we could work something out. But I can't promise.

                  I am going to be working on it a lot this weekend so hopefully it will be even better in a couple of days.


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                    Well JamesUS if you want someone to test it let me know.

                    I was considering running the conversion this weekend, but if you want to play with your code and have me test it next week I can wait.

                    I already bought the license for it, since they really want to move to it.

                    So I am legit.

                    Email me at [email protected] if you need someone to do a test or 2 for you.


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                      Id like to give it a try also.The Pm thang doesnt matter to me I allready have my Vbulletin license and am just waiting for the import script
                      [email protected]


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                        Thank you, JamesUS. I don't have a license yet. I wanted to wait until I knew I'd be able to use it. I hope you'll have a new script this week. It's a great product, and I'd like to do an import next weekend, if possible. I could live without transferring PMs. We use them, but I could tell my users they have to delete them by, say, Friday, or I'd delete them for them!

                        I'll keep checking


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                          I'm also considering a move from UBB 6.2 to vBulletin. So what happens if I have PMs and try to use the import script? Will the board get transferred ok (nevermind the lost PMs)?


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                            Originally posted by JamesUS
                            Basically the current importer can handle everything except private messages for UBB 6.2.
                            James, do you mean the current beta or the UBB6.x one downloadable from the members area? I tried the one from members area for UBB6.x and it did not import threads or posts. It only imported style, mods, forums and members. The thread/post import phase reported no errors, but went fast, displaying forum and threads 1..58 etc, but the post and thread tables ended up empty.

                            I asked this in a support ticket, but got a response that there is no release date for 6.2 import (which I didn't enquire about).
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                              James where are you with the import script.

                              I am willing to run it, I want to get off infopop , but I need my posts.

                              Email me at [email protected] or post something here so we know where it is.

                              Thanks James.


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