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    CMS is the fundamental backbone of any forum program. Without Content Management the content of a forum is disorganized and helter skelter making the content harder to manage when there is lots of it. Why would you put the cart before the horse with the release of VB5 and no clear schedule for the release of a very important component? Why are you charging full price for only half the product with a vague promise of some future release of the CMS? Seems to me there should be a discount in place here to purchase half the product.

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    Hopefully they just want to do it right this time. The CMS on VB4 was not fit for purpose.

    As a programmer myself I prefer to get BETAs out early because there are a million different environmental variables that will cause all sorts of issues and you are never going to find them all without employing a massive QA team - which would increase the cost of the end product. Also it gives me time to put up a test version of VB5 myself, work through all the migration bugs and work on the design while the VB team are polishing it off - otherwise in 6 months time when it's in a production ready state I'd be starting all this stuff fresh and be 6 months behind...


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      We provide you the chance to purchase vB5 in order to become acquainted with it as-is, your free to install and run vBulletin 4 under the 5 license though considering the current vBulletin 5 Connect is still in Beta. The reason why it seems like half a product and the cart before the horse is the fact again that, this is still a Beta product.

      There's many business reasons for doing it the way others seemingly would think is wrong however before I owned my own business it was easy to point out what I considered flaws in many aspects of life including purchasing online software and now that I understand how marketing and sales work things are not always so self-justifiable .

      I suggest waiting until vB5 goes Gold and then checking out a demo to see if it's right for you.
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        Originally posted by Autopilot View Post
        CMS is the fundamental backbone of any forum program.
        Err, no, it isnt.

        vBulletin 1.x, 2.x & 3.x had no CMS, yet they managed just fine, as do a number of other popular, currently available, forum packages.

        Originally posted by Autopilot View Post
        Seems to me there should be a discount in place here to purchase half the product.
        Not going to happen.
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          Is the vB5 CMS available at all, even in beta form? I just found out that my vB4 site is going to require a massive overhaul and complete redesign to fit the needs of a large ad buyer. I'm not keen on the idea of redesigning the entire site from the ground-up, only to do the same thing again later in the year.

          If the vB5 Suite + CMS is available even in beta form, that may be a better route for me to take... I can push back the ad buy for at least a month while I design the site using vB5.


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            The article management portion of the CMS is not available in any form, even in beta.
            The grand majority of the other cms features, like widgets, drag and drop layout, etc are now part of the site builder.


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              Is there any kind of timeline for the CMS (even in beta)? The majority of the site revolves around the CMS functionality so I can't upgrade until that is available. Thanks for the response.


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                In a future (vb5) version, that is the best we can tell you right now.


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                  Is there a more current thread on CMS with VB5? Do we have a new timeline other than "in the future"?


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                    There are no dates at this time. We do not communicate dates in advance, as soon as we have a date we will announce it.
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                      Originally posted by Nick Smith View Post
                      Is there a more current thread on CMS with VB5? Do we have a new timeline other than "in the future"?
                      Actually there is some information available, that has also been posted in different sections of this forum. However, this might still not be what you are looking for.
                      • The CMS is planned to be released with vB 5.1.0.
                      • Currently vB 5.1.0 is planned to be the next version after vB 5.0.5. This is a strong indicator that currently active work is being done on the CMS and that it isn't "that" far away anymore.


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