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    It looks strange to my eye to see /forum/forum/ when visiting this forum.
    I know this would not exist if vbulletin was installed in the site root, but since vbulletin itself (the company) has vbulletin installed in a forum subdirectory here, what's the thinking behind having the double /forum/forum/ in the urls?

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    Why any "Forum"?
    I have a similar issue on my own forum, my forum is say but when going to a thread it shows title
    I just want title with no /forum in between.

    If I type in same as here it shows a different page instead of the front page layout.

    anyway, yeah I agree this forum is even stranger with forum/forum, you'd expect a cleaner address than that for this forum forum


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      Someone from the staff (I think it was Wayne) once explained that this is how the software is structured: blogs, articles, groups... and forums are all separate "sub-categories" where the content goes. So if you install vB5 in a sub-directory called "forum", then you get another "forum" in the URL. You can "avoid" this by either installing vB5 to the root or by giving a different name to the sub-directory, e.g. "community". Internet Brands didn't do that for various reasons, so now you see the "double forum", which isn't exactly sexy, but I think there is no easy way around this.


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        There is a double /forum/ here because going back to VB4, VB3, and even earlier the forum was installed in the /forum/ directory here.

        Had we changed the directory name for VB5 then all old links would break.

        We kept it in the same directory so old links continue to work. The double /forum/ is a result of that decision.

        Since the primary goal of this forum is to be helpful to customers doing something that makes finding answers easier is a better choice than making an arbitrary URL "look" better.


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