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    So last year (well 2011 now) I got kind of fed up with vbulletin having used it for about 6 years because I felt it was going nowhere and people from vborg did not seem as bothered either, may developers were moving over to the IPS Market place. So I moved my board to invision. Its not a massive board in terms of members but we get a lot of traffic in relation to the members mainly due to guests reading from the 150,000 twitter / facebook followers.

    So I have seen that there is a new version of vb and I am thinking of moving it back, onto vbulletin 5 connect.

    It was very easy to import from vbulletin to invision, but is this possible to do it the other way around ok? I know it comes with an import tool but it says it has not been updated for a while, so I am wondering does this work with vb5?

    Also there was an offer on the upgrade price which has now gone, is that going to be coming back when the beta has ended or am I stuck with this price now? I have 3 vbulletin licenses, all are on vb4 so I guess I don't really need vb 5 but I would like to go with the latest version, even if it is still beta as I like some of the new functions...


    - - - Updated - - -

    I have just seen that vb5 is not recommended for live sites being a beta, IMO it should not be purchasable as a beta if there are that many bugs in it, I feel maybe its being done so they can say the vb5 license started in 2011 and use it as a way of saying the license lasted x years before vb6 etc.

    Anyway so it looks like vb4 is the best bet, maybe all the bugs from 2011 were fixed, I had problem after problem. If there is a way to import from ipb to vb4 I will do that but would be grateful if someone could let me know asap, thanks

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    We've supplied a tool called ImpEx for many years now. It will allow you to import from IPB.
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    Wayne Luke
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      I did download it Wayne but the date on it was old so I was making sure it would work really.. Thanks


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        Welcome back to vBulletin.

        4.2 is a very stable product that you can easily build a decent successful site out of.
        Among many other things a highlight for me personally is the new navbar manager, and also an activity stream.

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          I guess I don't really need vb 5 but I would like to go with the latest version, even if it is still beta as I like some of the new functions...

          If you have any amount of traffic, do not install vB5 on your site. Especially if you use the infraction system from vB3.


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            Traffic is around 80k visitors per month, nothing massive but yea I think I will stick with vb4 for now until 5 comes out properly... I have not tried the import tool yet but will do soon, thanks


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