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Upgrade questions - vB 3.8.7 to V5

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  • Upgrade questions - vB 3.8.7 to V5

    Hi guys,

    i'd like to upgrade my vB 3.8.7 forum to v5 (maybe) *gg. Due to the fact, that i'm not allowed to answer my questions within the german section, i will do it here.
    1. Do we already have a fully working german language module already?
    2. Is there any possible way to migrate my existing forum?
    3. Does vB5 contains also a kind of CMS, to setup some pages with custom content?
      Example: My existing page has actually two different sites. The entry page, which has been setup with vBCMS (a lot of custom content there), and the forum itself.
      Now the question is: It's possible build up the same setup with vB5?

    Thanks in advance for your support.

    THX & Cheers
    The german community platform

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    An official German language pack does exist. You can find it here.

    vB5 has an article system, which is very similar to the CMS in vB4. With Site Builder it is no problem to create a "home" page with the latest articles and many more modules. Staff member Mark.B runs a demo site, which gives a good first impression about what is possible with vB5. You should also try the vB5 Trial, where you can test many features of vB5.


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      1. See above
      2. You follow the upgrade instructions it will import all your content from VB3 into VB5
      3. You can definitely make custom pages with custom content, drag and drop the modules you want, you can create navigation menus using static HTML if you really want them.

      Definitely try the VB5 Online Trial -

      And especially important, if you do decide to go with VB5, make a full backup of your site and database before you begin the upgrade just in case something goes wrong.


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