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  • Vbulletin and Facebook

    I am thinking of buying a vb licence again, at the moment I am using WP which has a great feature that when a person posts a blog it auto posts it to out FB and Twitter pages aswell. Does VB have an addon that does this yet?

  • #2 may, this is not a built in feature
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      Oh wow that does surprise me, glad I didn't pay $250 now! Will check on


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        vBulletin 4 has Facebook Connect which does allow you to check a box to automatically put your own posts to Facebook.

        There is no twitter integration in any version yet.


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          Hi Joe,

          Thanks for the reply, does this just post a link or the actual post content as well. I am looking for something that will post title, content and image. it can be done via RSS but I have had zero support from VB and cant get RSS setup, they have said there is a fault with RSS in v5 but wont say if it works in v4, I have played around with a friends test server on v4 and cant get it to work. vBulletin seem very hostile as all my posts are being moderated! To be honest I was on the pay now screen if IPB about to purchase a licence when I noticed your post. I will hold fire a little longer.


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