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  • Moving to Vb

    Im considering moving a live smf forum to Vb, but I have a few questions please

    If I buy the " Cloud " Option do i also need to buy a License as well ?

    If I move from Smf would I need to remove any mods from there 1st before I transfer ?

    If I move to the cloud, is there any support or help converting from smf to vb

    Is there a subscription system in Vb if so would the info from my current subscription transfer over ( renewal dates, active subs etc )

    With thanks

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    1) No you don't have to buy a license as well. But is not recommended to buy the cloud option. They do not support third part addons and templates. Just the basic installation. So it's better to buy an owned license and host your forum on your own in a webhost or server.
    2) The mods are diffrent for vBulletin. You can have the same mods, as the platform is not the same. After you have bought a license, you would be able to create an account on and then it will be activated, and you will be able to download thousands of mods and templates.
    3) Don't wait much support. However, I'm not sure if impex is supported on cloud. I believe it is not. As I told you, you had better buy a license, and then to host your forum on your own.
    4) There is subscription manager on vbulletin. You will not be able to move the current subcriptions via ImpEx. Your SMF subscriptions will be lost, and you will have to create them manually, on vBulletin.

    NOTICE: ImpEx is not support on vBulletin 4. You will have to install vBulletin 4, to do the import, and then if you want to upgrade to vBulletin 5. However, I do not recommend you to use vBulletin 5, as the mods are very few, unlice vBulletin 4 has thousands of mods, both free and commercial.

    Sorry for my English!.
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    Sorry for my English!


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      At this time you cannot move into vBCloud from SMF. We are only allowing existing vBulletin (3 or 4 or 5) customers to move into vBCloud.

      If you want to move to vBulletin you would need to purchase the VB5 Download version for $249 and then use Imepx to import into VB4. You could then optionally upgrade to VB5 if you so choose.

      Mods wouldn't have to be uninstalled but none of them will be there or work after the import.

      Impex will import from SMF 2.0, paid subscriptions are not supported. You can see what is supported by the import here:


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