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Advice from vBulletin users wanted - which version should I use... 4 or 5?

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  • nomadgirl
    commented on 's reply
    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! I really appreciate it!

    I am a total newb and non-techie. So I definitely do not "know what you're doing in almost every aspect" hehe Hence why I say it's somewhat crazy for me to be attempting this. But I'm also persistent and stubborn as hell, so hopefully I can put that to good use here and make this work.

    In regards to the souped up engine thing for vB4, just curious - what kinds of mods to people usually add to vB4? I guess I'm just trying to figure out what is missing that they felt they needed to add via a modification? (and then figure out if that would apply to my situation)

  • yv3013
    I started with vb5 from the beginning, it's ok I guess, but you'll want to be a quick learner of how to do things as technical advice from here assumes you know what your doing in almost every aspect. it won't be oh, go to here, click this, click that, put this in, press that and it will be ok.
    it'll be more like, change the xxxx configurations, bye, if that doesn't work then spend half your life submitting us a ticket and if other vote that it's important we might have a look.

    In my 2 years of vb5, every new version comes with new issues meaning your constantly seeking help, constantly waiting for new fixes but by the time those fixes come you need other fixes. basically they expect customers to point out issues, create support tickets and be part of the issue, they are not pro-active in finding bugs themselves and implementing the fixes in the next issue, we shouldn't have to know about them at all.

    don't get me wrong, vb5 does work, it's just small issues mostly, but they don't release a new version that completely fixes the old, they create new features that are never right so it's a merry go round.
    I think most would suggest you start with vb4 but I don't think you'll ever come to vb5 if that's the case, would you remove a souped up engine and put it in a different model vehicle?
    I don't think so, that's why you don't see many active and large vb5 forums, all the parts from previous versions don't fit.

    If I had my time back again i'd probably of started with a free forum that works like it should, instead of stuffing around with someone elses problems and supporting an unfinished project.
    it's nothing like any other software that does what it says it will and when a new version comes it's even better, nope, it's like here's the new version in parts, load it up and tell us about all the problems your having so we can fix that in the next few versions, only to fix half and then promote the new version by saying, oh, we've added this new thing, which off course has it's own issues.

    That's my opinion anyway, since you asked, but i'm sure others will have a different opinion and I might just be the odd one out. good luck!
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  • Advice from vBulletin users wanted - which version should I use... 4 or 5?

    Hi all,

    Ok, so I bought a vBulletin 5 license (includes vBulletin 4 and didn't cost extra, so I figured I might as well) - now I'm wondering what version is better?

    It's going to be for a brand new forum, and I have zero experience in setting up something like this (in case that makes a difference to your answer) - crazy perhaps, but I'm hell-bent on learning how to do this.

    Which version do you guys recommend I start with? Lots of negativity and reports about too many bugs with vBulletin 5 out there on the internet - but much of it is from a year or two ago - I understand that this forum is running on vBulletin 5...

    I'd love to hear from people who have experience with running a forum on vBulletin 4 or 5...

    Thanks for reading all!

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