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is this the right solution for me??

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  • is this the right solution for me??


    I am about to enter a project where a group are to build a new community.
    The community will be for about 100-300 ppl and is to contain both a forum and blog (news announcements) and some other pages.

    I will be part of the team dealing with the forum and i am now looking into different options.
    I have myself worked quite allot with PHPBB before. Tho i do not have any PHP knowledge, so i am a beginner when it comes to the code itself.

    For this project we have a bit of money to spend. I therefor look at other options than the only free option (phpbb).

    So what can vBulletin provide me in terms of
    forum, blog and other pages?

    Is it built in to register with facebook/google information?

    Is it easy to connect member database to wordpress, same login, blog post being discussed in a forum thread etc.

    I know nothing about vBulletin, but what i have seen it looks to be more of a complete solution than just a forum.
    Would vBulletin be able to build a more complete site than just a forum... pages, blogs, forum etc.

    I have been looking for some good reviews over vBulletin but not found any, can you point me somewhere?


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    Hi and welcome. Thank you for your interest in vBulletin.

    vBulletin comes with Blogs and Groups as well as forums.
    vBulletin 4 has a Content Management System (CMS) that is integrated with the product.
    In vBulletin 5 you can easily create custom page should you need to.

    On both vBulletin 4 and vBulletin 5, you can register using Facebook, but not Google at this time.

    Connecting to third party software such as Wordpress is not available in the default software, however there are third party "bridges" for some of the more popular software available on the thriving modification community,

    vBulletin can function as a stand alone forum, or you can utilise other features such as the Blogs, Groups, CMS if you need to. You can enable these immediately, or leave them until later when your site has grown, as you prefer.

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      Thanks for your answer.

      So what i took from that is that i could use vBulletin as the only software i need to build a site that have a frontpage (blog) with news and announcements.
      Will this blog be able to function as a forum thread aswell? I mean, if i want to comment the blog post it will be done in a special section of the forum?

      Then i can ad other stand alone pages.
      What kind of tool is there to help me build these pages, what are my option on templates and will a template/theme fit over the whole site or change depending if i am on the forum, blog or page?


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        Blogs are a separate section of the site so they don't function as forum threads.
        You could use the CMS to provide a front portal for news and announcements, or there are third party addons (such as vBAdvanced) that can do this as well.
        We don't support third party addons at all, however vBAdvanced is widely used on vBulletin sites to do precisely what you want - provide news and announcements that are also forum threads.

        Generally most third party custom themes will cover the entire site. It's theretically possible to make them work differently in certain sections of the site, however most (if not all) custom themses won't do this "out of the box", so to speak.

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          thank you
          so what is recomended today.
          what i can see, it seems that vB 5 is the latest version and something quite new.
          have it been out long enough to be something worthwhile to consider or is vB 4 still the option most ppl go for since it is more supported among third party developers?
          i guess you will of course promote your latest release, but i gotta ask

          but since there are no integrated support for functions that i really look for
          most of them i can do for free on PHPBB, but maybe with a bit more work and a need of php knowledge to be sure they work as i want.
          how would you compare the free option phpBB with your suit vB?


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            At this stage it is recommended that you use vB4. vB5 remains in beta and is not recommended for production sites.

            phpBB is free software and *generally* free software has lower levels of feature sets and support.

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            AdminAmmo - My Cloud Demo


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